In 2010 I founded The Art & Law Program, a seminar-colloquium that focuses on the study of law as a linguistic system, institutional force and power structure, with a particular focus on how the discourses and practices of law and visual culture impact each other, history, and culture.

The Program consists of a nonpartisan community that aims to attract qualified individuals in the areas of visual art, architecture, criticism, art history, curating, and film.

The Program does not focus on traditional and conventional critical theories (e.g., Marxism, post-structuralism, post-colonialism, psychoanalysis, etc.), but rather investigates how the philosophy and practice of law disturbs the critical theory establishment and creates a new space and discourse for aesthetic, cultural and intellectual practices. Topics covered include territoriality and space, legal structures and systems, law as medium, crime, culture and justice, freedom of expression, tangible and intangible property, language and contracts, authority and authorship, markets and transactions, systems of value, morality and law, corporate entities, sovereignty and international law.

Please visit The Art & Law Program website for more information and application requirements.

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